Football. “Football has been my biggest hobby since I was 6 years old. I’m a member of Neptunus Schiebroek association, playing in the second team of the Reserve First class league. I love football for the exercise and the team spirit and although it’s kind of serious on an amateur level, I’ve always been a bigger fan of the social part that comes with it. Besides, I’m also fond of winter sports and I like visiting events, whether music, art or sport-related, and enjoy a festive atmosphere with a few drinks. I would also love to run a marathon one day, when I’m a bit older.”

Entrepreneurship. “I want to find a niche, something I’m really good at, and open my own company in the future. I’ve had ambitions in entrepreneurship since I started trading online during my Bachelor years at Hogeschool Rotterdam. As a side job, I started buying different products from Asian online stores and selling those here in the Netherlands. I used to import all sorts of products, singly or in stocks. This supplemented my student income and helped me acquire valuable commercial skills. The most profitable things to trade were clothes, but I also imported phones and books. I still do it, but less now since I have another side job.”

Travelling. “Before starting my Pre-Master, I lived in Australia for seven months. I spent the first few months travelling around and I worked on a banana farm for the other three. The second part wasn’t as enjoyable, but that’s what many backpackers usually do to get a second working holiday visa, and some good money of course. I’m not exactly sure what job I want to do, but I’m an open-minded person, craving new and different experiences. I’ve travelled in a lot of countries and discovered that I love an international environment and exploring different cultures. I’d love to work for an international company, in a role that requires visiting customers and partners abroad. Import and export business seems to be especially interesting. Next semester, I’m going to do an exchange in Tel Aviv. It’s kind of a new study exchange destination and judging from the stories I’ve heard, it’s great. But once I’m back, that will be the time to stop postponing adult life and get into the job hunt.”