Every Monday, I AM puts another fashionable campus inhabitant in the spotlight. This time: Saskia Choffel (21). She’s an International Management (CEMS) student.

Style. “When I’m not wearing this Polar Bear suit I like to wear vintage clothing. I like wearing things that are a bit different and stand out. I’m still young so I take advantage of that, little details can be fun as well. I also like to change styles often. I can wear one style on Monday and something completely different on Tuesday, as long as it reflects who I am.”

Sustainability days. “I’m wearing this suit to promote the sustainability days which will be held on campus from March 22nd until March 24th. Compared to other business events on campus only a small group of people shows up to our events. People often associate sustainability with hiking and eating quinoa and don’t see the big impact it can make.”

Daily Life. “In my daily life I try to be as  sustainable as possible. I cut down on heating and gas and light as much as possible. I also only buy cosmetics that are vegan; so no products from an animal source or products that are tested on animals. I try to be sustainable when buying clothes as well, but it can be hard especially as a student. Even some more premium brands than for example Primark are not very sustainable.”

The Netherlands. “The Netherlands is very different from France, where I am from. It is more ‘chill’ here and people are more open. It is also so nice that you can bike everywhere, this would never be possible in Paris for example. I think the party scene in Rotterdam is also better, there are some good underground parties and the ‘vibe’ is nice.”