Every Monday, I AM puts another fashionable campus inhabitant in the spotlight. This time: Joong Kim (20). He’s studying International Bachelor Arts and Culture Studies (IBACS).

Style. “I dress similar to how I did when I lived in Korea, although now I’m more inspired by skaters. I don’t have a specific brand that I really like, but in Rotterdam I like to shop at Funkie House, a store that sells different brands. Before I came to Rotterdam you could have described my style as smart, also when I was living in the United States after I moved away from South Korea.”

Joong Kim
Image credit: Ronald van den Heerik

Family. “I’m studying IBACS now but I used to study Economics. When I was younger, I was told I had to study something that was of value for the society. I’ve lived away from home for five years and only go back once or twice a year, but I do feel like I’m at home when I’m there. I get this hometown feeling. However, I don’t really feel a bond with my parents. I haven’t lived with them for years now and maybe call my mum two or three times a month. ”

Honesty. “Dutch people are more direct than people in the United States and Korea. I remember taking a girl on a date. We went to a restaurant and she told me she didn’t like the place. I was immediately worried but she was just being honest. I think that’s a typical Dutch thing, not being afraid to be honest. I do sometimes feel like it’s hard to connect with Dutch people, especially those who are not already involved in the international community on campus.”

Cooking. “I like Dutch beer but I don’t like Dutch cooking. I feel there’s a lot of fast food and I prefer Korean food. I don’t really cook in the Netherlands. I tried to make sushi once and it didn’t work out. So now when I cook, I keep it simple and make really easy meals like fried rice or pizza.”