Who are the lucky and talented students of the 6th annual IBCoM Awards? On Friday night, EM attended ACE’s biggest red carpet event, observed the nominees and spoke to a few winners at the end.

The awards are polished, the suits are up, the heels are on, everyone’s hair is done and the nominees’ ‘thank you’ speeches have been prepared. The red carpet is ready to be walked on and the photographers can’t wait to get the best shots of the night at the 6th Annual IBCoM Awards at the Erasmus Pavilion.

‘Golden’ Oscar-like Awards were handed out to students in the following categories: Best Summary Maker, Best Start-Up, Best Talent, Mr/Ms. Sunshine, Midnight Warrior, Life of the Party and Most Fashionable Student. There was also an award for Most Inspiring Lecturer, which was handed to dr. Daniel Trottier. First-year IBCoM students, Lisa Stam and Monica Spelbrink sang beautiful and powerful covers of Rihanna’s Russian Roulette and David Guetta’s Titanium. The winners of the IBCoM Awards are decided by the audience. Students and lecturers could vote before and during the event.

Snooze Button

The winning act for Best Talent was from Jarek Pietas, who decided to write his own song about student life and the power of the snooze button, just hours before the ceremony. “I always feel great when I’m performing on stage”, Jarek said. “The award for me is a physical confirmation that I can entertain people in such a way that they appreciate it. I think this is the biggest value of this award, there is no jury, I was just appreciated by the audience.”

Life of the Party

Friday night’s biggest winner was second-year student Ted Hoogkamer, who received the award for Most Fashionable Student and Life of the Party, an award that highlights who is best at throwing the craziest parties. In black jeans, a white short-sleeved shirt and a vintage black hat, Ted presented his ‘thank you’ speech, in which he clearly dedicated his awards to his mother, Whitney Houston and Matthew Healy for their inspiration. “I’m really into old school clothing”, he said. “My closet also consists of clothing from my parents and grandparents, simply because I love the fashion from back then. Wear what you love and don’t be ashamed to think outside of the box.”

ibcom awards 2016 ted
Second-year student Ted Hoogkamer won both the Most Fashionable Student and Life of the Party Award.