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Hbo students no longer welcome

Thanks to a decision of the University Council, Hbo students, high school students, and others are no longer welcome at study spaces at Erasmus University. The access ban only applies during peak periods, when many students are studying for their exams. Opinions are divided as to whether the prohibition is effective or even desirable.


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Hbo students and pupils no longer welcome in study areas after 11 June

The university will — as was previously announced — be experimenting with exclusive…


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Exclusive study places: “I applaud the fact that schoolchildren are getting to know the University Library”

Council member Jamie van der Klaauw thinks that the Executive Board is making a mistake…

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Hogeschool students refused access to EUR study areas: Board expresses disappointment

According to the Executive Board of Hogeschool Rotterdam, their EUR colleagues failed to…

time cube polakgebouw

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‘Time cube’ to tackle lack of study places in Polak building

A makeshift solution or the Egg of Columbus?


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Library jam-packed, even without Hogeschool students

The University has begun an experiment to prevent non-EUR students from studying on…


The university is trying its very best to create more study spaces. There are now more study spaces than the norm that the university has set for itself: one place for every ten students. That adds up to around 3000 workplaces.


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Big increase in number of study places campus Woudestein

Erasmus University is increasing the number of study places for its students. A new…


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The best study spots on campus (and off campus)

Where to find the perfect study spot? Is it inside the university library or rather at…