Will Makin poem video Occupy 5.2023

After the university acknowledged the climate emergency and announced their related measures in February, students started to occupy a university building for the second time this academic year since they believed the measures were not enough. This time, they didn’t occupy Sanders, but the Erasmus building.

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Activists occupy Erasmus building

Some sixty protesters occupied the Erasmus building on Tuesday morning. They are…

Since their last occupation was stopped by the police, this time OccupyEUR was hoping for a peaceful demonstration. To make time go faster, the activists planned several activities, including workshops, music performances and free coffee for everyone. Find out more about the initiatives that took place during the protest in the article below.

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Relaxed atmosphere at occupation in Erasmus building

The protest in the Erasmus building is unfolding in a relaxed manner. A hairdresser is…

In a letter to the Occupyers in the Erasmus building, the Executive Board informed them that the protest should end at 10:30 pm. However, the protesters don’t intend to leave and have set up tents.

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Occupy must leave building at 10:30 pm

The Executive Board wants the protest at the Erasmus Building to end at 10:30 p.m.…

About twenty activists ended up sleeping in the Erasmus building on Tuesday night, despite the requests from the university to leave the building at 10:30. Unexpectedly to the protesters, the university did not send the police this time.

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Occupy protesters expect riot police, but stay overnight in Erasmus building after all

Students and staff were watching Shrek, dancing and chanting slogans. At 10:30, they were…

Since the protestors did not leave, the Executive Board took stronger measures and wrote in an open letter that from now on it would treat OccupyEUR not as a demonstration anymore but as an illegal occupation. Read more about what this means for the future of OccupyEUR in the article below.

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Board sees OccupyEUR as ‘illegal occupation’ from now on

Members of OccupyEUR have been occupying the hall of the Erasmus building since Tuesday…

OccupyEUR is not the only student movement that has risen up against ties of universities with the fossil fuel industry. Also at other universities, students have joined together to protest. Read how successful they were below.

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UvA announces moratorium on new research with Shell

Activists at various universities are calling for an end to collaboration with the fossil…

Against the demands of the climate activists, the University of Amsterdam and Utrecht don’t plan to cut their ties to the fossil fuel industry as they see them as indispensable for research into green energy. Read more about their reasonings below.

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Academic staff: don’t abandon all collaboration with fossil fuel companies

Last week, climate activists demanded once again that universities break their ties with…

In May, occupations and activism started again for a week in universities around the Netherlands. Except at the VU Amsterdam that had announced in April already that it no longer wants to cooperate with fossil fuel companies that do not comply with the Climate Agreement.

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Occupations at universities by climate activists

Climate activists occupied a hall at Utrecht University on Monday morning. Occupations or…

The resurgence of protests at the universities also includes the occupation of the Sanders building, now for the third time. This time OccupyEUR has specified their demands further.

OccupyEUR 9.5.2023_3_Esther Dijkstra

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OccupyEUR occupies Erasmus building again

Around forty protesters occupied the lobby of the Erasmus building on Tuesday morning.…

The third occupation of the Sanders Building in May ended like the first one in November  – with the intervention of the police. Twelve remaining protesters were arrested in the presence of City councillor Mina Morkoç (GroenLinks) acting as a legal observer. Read about the evacuation below.

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Arrests at forced end of protest in Erasmus building (update)

Twelve protesters were arrested during the eviction of the Occupy protest at the Erasmus…

One day after the third occupation by climate activists was ended through police forces, the Erasmus University held its opening of the Sustainability Days in the Erasmus Pavilion. In the course of this, OccupyEUR and how the university deals with it was actively discussed.

Levi Polderman_Nico Cruz

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‘Bringing in the police to tackle OccupyEUR cast a dark shadow over the Sustainability Days’

Erasmus Sustainability Hub chair Levi Polderman is disappointed in the way in which the…