“We can no longer and will no longer accept that our activities are disrupted for large groups of students and staff just because a small group has a certain opinion. Similarly, we can no longer continue the necessary security measures to ensure your safety and that of others”, the announcement reads.

On the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, over twenty protesters slept in the hall, despite the Board announcing on Tuesday that the premises had to be empty by 10.30pm, otherwise the safety of those present could not be guaranteed. In the end, the police did not come, and security guards left the protesters alone.

On Wednesday morning, only a small club remained and there were rumours of an imminent departure, but during the brunch and subsequent activities, the number of activists in the Erasmus building actually increased again. Presumably, the protesters plan to remain present in the building for at least the rest of the afternoon.

Dialogue this afternoon

Rector Annelien Bredenoord expressed her frustration Tuesday evening at not being able to engage with the group. There were chats with individual activists, but OccupyEUR did not allow Bredenoord to take the microphone and address the group. “We have sought numerous ways to engage in constructive dialogue with you on the views you express, but in no way have you shown an openness to dialogue. This attitude does not suit an academic community and Erasmian values, nor does it contribute to real solutions”, the Executive Board now writes in the email.

The Executive Board still wants to meet with the protesters at 3pm to seek ‘real solutions’ to the problems raised by OccupyEUR, and to discuss a place where further demonstrations can take place ‘without disrupting the university’s activities for others’. The building will close at 7pm and everyone is asked to leave the building before then. “Anyone still in the building after that time is violating the house rules”, the Board concludes the email.

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