Eurekaweek 2018

Just before the Eurekaweek


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‘Our’ freshmen give advice for the new class

What to expect from your first year at the university? Exams, stress, deadlines, student…


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The Eurekaweek in the old days: from a brooding auditorium to a packed Ahoy

A photo journey through forty years of Eurekaweek history.

HHBshow 3

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Everything you need to know about The Rotterdam Song, your new anthem

After Eurekaweek, you will definitely be familiar with the song describing our wonderful…

During the Eurekaweek

SUNDAY ~ A new group of international students gathered one day before the official start of the Eurekaweek in the Theil hall. For most of them, it was the first introduction to the Netherlands.

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‘Everything is so beautiful here: the buildings, the people’

One day before the official opening of the Eurekaweek, new faces filled the hall of the…

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International Day: I’m glad I decided to come

On International Day, new students from abroad got to know each other, played traditional…

MONDAY ~ First, new students came altogether to Ahoy for the opening of the Eurekaweek.


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Thousands of freshmen embark on their Rotterdam adventure

The new students met en masse on Monday in Ahoy for the opening of the Eurekaweek.

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Red Bull and cigarettes, these freshmen are ready for their new life

Thousands of new students descended upon Ahoy early Monday morning for the opening…


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Praying for sunshine on the NSR terrace

Despite the gusty wind, it was nice sitting on the terrace of student association NSR on…

TUESDAY ~ Sleeping at Erasmus Sport, gadget collecting at Campus Day and beer drinking and singing at Ahoy’s Cantus.

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Spending the night at the campus gym: ‘I’m glad I brought earplugs’

Sleepy heads, people brushing their teeth in a corridor and people walking to the showers…

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Second day of Eurekaweek: wait, what’s your name again?

New students did their best to memorise the names of their group mates on Tuesday.

rsg eurekaweek 2019 fabienne hoogendoorn (4)

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Ice lollies and cocktails on the banks of the Haringvliet with the RSG

Early in the evening, the terrace of student association RSG is already crowded. On the…

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Singing, yelling and roaring at the cantus in Ahoy

An evening of unabashed singing and drinking in Ahoy.

laurentius eurekaweek terras foto Fabienne Hoogendoorn (5)

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Festival atmosphere on Laurentius terrace

Already in the early evening, the terrace of student association Laurentius on…


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Popcorn instead of beer at Fast & Furious

For students who didn’t feel like the beer cantus in Ahoy, on Tuesday evening…

WOENSDAG ~ Sports, games, bumbling and -some…- booze

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Sports, games, bumbling and -some- booze

Everybody enjoyed the sun during the sports day in Kralingen. Except the boys and girls…

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Using your cantus sweat to make friends

In his cutest sports shorts, reporter Ivar Laanen had fun with sweaty freshmen during the…

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Freshers receive ‘culture shock’ while exploring Rotterdam nightlife

Salsa and karaoke: first-year students explore Rotterdam nightlife during Rotterdam by…

rsc-rvsv eurekaweek 2019 foto amber leijen (3)

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Very busy on the terrace (and with enrolments) at RSC/RVSV

It’s very busy on the RSC/RVSV terrace on Wednesday afternoon. And that’s reflected…

ssr eurekaweek 2019 foto amber leijen (12)

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Hot and sweaty dancing in a packed SSR

The anti-hangover pills which SSR was handing out on the terrace this afternoon will come…

THURSDAY ~ music, music, and coziness.

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Eurekafestival: ‘Yesterday I was too hungover, but today I have a lot of energy’

The festival-goers enjoyed a relaxed afternoon full of music, sun and coziness.

festival 3 – eurekaweek 2019 – fabienne hoogendoorn

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Recovering at the Eurekaweek Festival

Freshmen are taking a little rest at the music festival in Delfshaven.

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Singing along to classic songs on the final day of Eurekaweek: ‘I tremendously enjoyed it’

Even the security staff can't resist singing along during the Night of the Songs.