Of the twenty students present, there were only a handful wearing an armband for minors – who weren’t allowed to drink anyway. The rest just said that they didn’t feel like drinking. For some people, the cantus is just not the right place. “I just don’t like being among lots of people, all singing loudly and drinking beer,” explained a timid-looking student of Management of International Social Challenges as she waited for a friend. “If the alternative is going to watch a film for free, I’d much rather do that.”

Not socially incapable

Although the students here appreciated the alternative programme, there was still the feeling that Eurekaweek largely revolves around drinking. One of a group of Law students explained: “I understand that they’re trying to broaden Eurekaweek, but it’s still mainly about drinking. For example, we had lunch at a student society today. If you don’t drink, you really feel as if you don’t belong.”

A group of five students on row 7 agreed that fellow students look at them strangely when they don’t drink. Some of them normally do drink, just not beer. “Why does everything always have to revolve around alcohol?”, one of them asks. “Unlike what many people think, we definitely aren’t socially incapable. We just prefer a different type of enjoyment, where alcohol isn’t necessary.”


Although an alternative programme has been offered for some time and also attracts twenty people, it’s still not totally inclusive. “There’s still a kind of barrier to going to an alternative programme. When you take part in Eurekaweek, it’s sometimes considered weak if you don’t go out with everyone else,” said an introverted, red-haired Psychology student. “And I also have the feeling that lots of people who don’t drink just don’t come to Eurekaweek.”

Because although the current Eurekaweek committee embraces the mantra of inclusiveness, only a few students know about the alternative programme. But the people who attended the Movie Night are very pleased with the alternative programme. As Fast & Furious fans, three cheerful girls who arrived an hour too early were also delighted. “I mean, we got to see the film for free. What’s not to like?”


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