Mylou Miché (25) studied journalism for a year at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, before taking a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration and Organisational Science at Utrecht University. She is currently taking the Master’s programme in International Development Studies at UU. Last year, she was also a policy officer at ISO.

“Politicians need to pay closer attention to the needs and opinions of students”, says Miché, who, through ISO, serves as the voice for 800 thousand students. “We will vigorously and resolutely advocate for their interests.”

Not on the losing end

Incoming new LSVb Chair Abdelkader Karbache (23) is currently taking two Master’s programmes at TU Delft (Mechanical Engineering and Sustainable Energy Technology) and was already a board member of the Delft student union VSSD and a member of the Central Student Council of TU Delft.

In a press release, he says he is concerned about issues including student housing, student debt and student financing. “Time and again, the current generation of students are the ones that bear the brunt. If it’s up to us, students will no longer be on the losing end. We will spare no effort in achieving lasting improvements for students.”

From June, the Board of LSVb will also include Ocke Siertsema (21, studying public management at the Hague University of Applied Sciences), Gijs Grimbergen (23, studied geography and spatial planning at Utrecht University), Boutaina Chami (24, studied psychology at the University of Twente) and Yason Sinout (25, graduated in history and economics at Utrecht University).

Joining the Board of ISO on 22 June are Gwendolyn Hermans (24, studying psychology at Radboud University in Nijmegen), Jorrit Berendsen (22, studying public management at NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences), William Duke (25, taking American Studies in Nijmegen) and Stijn van Hussen (24, studying International Relations at the University of Groningen).

ISO was founded as a national umbrella organisation for university student councils, and later expanded to include student councils of universities of applied sciences. ISO and LSVb often work together. Lately, for example, they have focused considerable attention on students’ mental health.

The ISO board of 2024-2025 consists of William Duke, Gwendolyn Hermans, Mylou Miché, Stijn van Hussen and Jorrit Berendsen Image credit: ISO

Individual character

The two student organisations each have an individual character. This was illustrated in March, for example, when ISO sent a letter to the informateur setting out student plans for a new government. LSVb refused to jointly sign the letter, due to objections in principle to the PVV’s participation in a government. As the letter to the informateur failed to address certain fundamental obstacles, LSVb wanted nothing to do with it.

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