The work depicts the world behind the TV screen during a football match. In black tones it catches the atmosphere full of adrenaline and the reaction of a passionate sports fan. Although it looks complex, Luuk Bode, artist himself and working for the art department, explains the simplistic technique of Van de Velde: ”It’s charcoal on linen, a very basic material. It is impressive that you only have a piece of charcoal and you can draw this huge adventure with it”


Vulnerable artwork repaired in five minutes

In contrast to the other works displayed, this one is not covered by glass.  The university decided to let the students fully immerse in the meaning of it and feel the nuances given by its velvety texture, Bode says. This also poses a big risk to it: a few years ago a student accidentally damaged the work by touching it with their backpack. Fortunately. Van de Velde came back to visit the campus, with a small piece of charcoal in his pocket, and restored it with ease and calm.

Curious about it? Take 2 minutes to admire the elegance and the dynamics of this engaging piece of art by taking a walk in Theil. Take care of your backpack!