Luuk Bode, artist himself and working for EUR’s art department, shows some of Mick la Rock’s works in the Gallery. “She is a very interesting artist. She was one of the first female graffiti artists in the Netherlands. She also worked in New York with a lot of famous graffiti writers”, he says. “She developed this abstract way of designing letters. What if the letters do not have to be legible anymore? What are the possibilities of the shapes then?”

Hidden gem

Another gem is properly hidden in the back of Erasmus Gallery. “It’s one of the best pieces because Mick used geometric shapes, straight lines and circles as a basis. Everything is very fluent, there is a lot of life in the way the curves flow”, Bode says.

La Rock also left her mark on the new Exam building. Bode: “The work is typography based, but in a very abstract manner. I really love the fact that she added the bluish green. Really does a lot with the environment here, I think it’s a good contrast.”