Do you know a student who is always there for everyone? Or someone who has achieved something special within their programme, outside of their programme, in their association or anywhere else in the world? If the student’s efforts are selfless and socially engaged, you can reward them with a nomination for Student of the Year.

Who is always there for others within the association? Do you know someone who brought groceries for everyone when the whole dorm was sick? Who was the driving force behind that one charity action? Maybe you know a student who works on behalf of the climate, for people in poverty or against loneliness, inequality or something completely different. You can nominate a single student, so not a group.

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The nomination round for 2024 is closed.

How will we proceed?

Who will succeed Hassnae Boubrik as Student of the Year? We will know the answer to that question after the live show on Wednesday 29 May. After the end of the nomination round, a jury will look at the entries. The jury this year will consist of:

  • Annelien Bredenoord, rector magnificus (chair of the jury);
  • Hassnae Boubrik, winner of Student of the Year 2023;
  • Peggy Wijntuin, former city councillor and advisor on projects about the Netherlands’ slavery past;
  • Robert Dur, professor at the Erasmus School of Economics;
  • Veerle Petersen, president of Eurekaweek 2023;
  • Laurens Wielaard, Erasmus Sport and EUR lustrum committee
EM WP-Student of the Year-2023-Femke Legué

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Student of the Year 2023

For only the second time ever, the Student of the Year elections took place. Organised by…

The jury will select five students who will advance to the public round. Online ballot boxes will open on Monday 6 May. These votes will largely count towards the final result. The jury vote and votes in the hall on 29 May will also count towards the final result.

What does the winner get?

In addition to eternal glory, the Student of the Year will receive a cash prize and a trophy. A new feature this year is that students will receive a sum of money to donate to a charity of their choice. The charity must have the ANBI quality mark.