The offer started last month and ends on 3 December. We have already seen a significant increase in the number of vegan meals sold, says Michel Flaton, general manager at campus caterer Vitam. “We normally sell around a hundred and fifty vegan meals a week, now it’s about six hundred”, he says. Around 75 per cent of the meals currently being prepared are plant based.

Sales of meals containing meat remain high, however, says Flaton. But slightly fewer salads and rolls are being purchased.

Vegan campus

The offer is a step towards one of the university’s sustainability targets: to be a fully vegan campus by 2030. “Over the coming period we will be measuring how many meals are sold and what the consumers think of them, and this information will then be used as input for the roadmap to a plant-based campus”, says a spokesperson.

Early this year, the university board acknowledged the climate and ecological emergency and set out clearly its own ambitions in the field of sustainability. A major part of the university’s sustainability policy is the reduction of CO2 emissions. According to the board, eating plant-based food is an effective way of reducing emissions of greenhouse gases.

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