One day after the earthquake in Morocco, the Executive Board issued a message to the Moroccan community to express its support. “Our thoughts are with the victims and their loved ones, and EUR sympathises with everyone in our community who has been affected by this natural disaster”, the Executive Board wrote.


Later this week, the university’s crisis area core team will organise a walk-in meeting where everyone who has been affected by the earthquake can swap experiences and get support from an expert. This core team, which includes representatives from the EUR Student Wellbeing programme and HR, provides support to students and staff who have been involved in disasters, for example because they have family members who live in the area. The meeting will take place this Thursday from 12.30 to 2 pm. In the meantime, students can contact the student psychologists and mentors.

The Islamic student association IQRA and Avicenna, the multicultural student association for Medical students, have joined forces to set up a fundraiser. “One of the ideas we’re mulling is a bake sale, with the funds raised going to people in distress”, IQRA chair Sami Ibourk El Idrissi said. He expects the fundraiser to be launched next week. On Instagram, Avicenna has been calling on people to come to Morocco’s aid, for instance by donating money to reliable organisations or raising awareness on social media.

Medical assistance

Several members of Erasmus MC staff have volunteered to go to Morocco to offer medical assistance. One of them is Shakib Sana, a PhD candidate at Erasmus MC and general practitioner. When Turkey was hit by a series of earthquakes in February, he travelled there as part of a team to set up an emergency field hospital.

He is keen to help out in Morocco as well, but does not know yet whether he will actually be going. “It is as yet unclear whether the Moroccan government needs our assistance or whether we’ll be given permission to visit the disaster area.” So far, the country has been reluctant to embrace help from abroad, with government sources claiming that uncoordinated assistance is of little use.

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