We're looking for:

Writing journalists with a sharp pen and a keen nose for news who wish to produce news stories, journalistic reports, and interviews.  

Video reporters who are not afraid to appear on camera, accost fellow students on campus and create video reports on student life in Rotterdam and other subjects.

Camera persons/video editors who go on the road with a reporter to shoot footage for a great story and can create quick edits for EM’s video productions.

Illustrators who know how to capture complicated subjects in a beautiful, clear, comprehensible or edgy image.

Photographers who like to go out, have guts and understand how to capture stories in one image.

In a perfect world, you would already have some experience in your chosen field, but that is not a hard requirement. It is much more important that you aspire to be a journalist, love visuals or written work and have a flair for either. We also expect you to be available at least for at least the entire 2023-2024 academic year to work on a story once or twice per month.

We're offering:

An interesting side job in which you can gain experience and explore whether a career in journalism is your cup of tea. You will be paid for your contributions to EM, supervised by professional journalists and join a ‘gezellig’, socially engaged and sharp-witted team.

Interested in joining us?

If so, send an email to [email protected] before Thursday 7 September, and be sure to include the following information:

  • In your subject line, state ‘job application’ + the name of the position you are applying for;
  • Explain why you would make a good candidate for that position (no more than 150 words);
  • Incorporate your relevant writing, presenting, videography or video-editing experience into a short resume (max 1 A4);
  • list relevant productions (text or video) in an attachment to the email or as a link;
  • don’t forget to mention your name, degree programme, year and phone number.

Please address your application to editor Tim Ficheroux. If you have any questions about the position you are applying for, please contact us on the same email address. Interviews will take place in September.