It covers a wide range of research: from the mysterious case of biological dark matter to stereotypes in pornography. With support from NWO, the ten Rotterdam scientists can develop an innovative line of research. Six scientists are conducting research at Erasmus MC.

In total 97 researchers in The Netherlands received the grant. Researchers of other universities focus on for example the role of mini-proteins in the development of brain cancer in children and making the production of green fuel more efficient.

Last year, NWO awarded a record 101 Vidi grants. This peak followed a dip during the COVID pandemic. Four fewer grants have therefore been awarded this year. Utrecht University was once again the most successful body, receiving ten grants.

For this round of Vidi grants, NWO assessed applications from 551 researchers: 304 men, 244 women and 3 gender-neutral applicants. It was decided to award grants to 54 men (56 percent) and 43 women (44 percent). That is an acceptance rate of 18 percent.

Julius Caesar

The Vidi grants are part of the NWO Talent Programme, which offers Veni grants for researchers who have recently graduated, Vidi grants for experienced researchers and Vici grants for senior researchers who have already demonstrated the ability to develop their own line of research.

The grants derive their name from a message Julius Caesar sent to the Roman Senate in 47 BC following a victory on the battlefield: veni, vidi, vici (I came, I saw, I conquered).