The world record attempt is organised by the events committee of RSKV Erasmus. The student association teams will play against each other in an eight versus eight match, with five substitutes per team. To ensure there are enough players available for the record attempt, the teams will also be mixed with players from the korfball teams of Delft, Leidschendam, and Tilburg.

The current record, set by a British korfball team, is 30 hours and 2 minutes. Why is RSKV aiming for 38 hours? To make it ‘symbolic’ for the 38th board of the association.

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Official evidence

The record attempt will be submitted to Guinness World Records, which will have twelve weeks to verify the attempt. The entirety of the 38 hours will be filmed on camera, as RSKV could not organize a Guinness witness’ arrival due to the costs involved.

Therefore, a lot of additional evidence will be required for submission. “We need to fill in logbooks of when players are going to the bathroom, when they are playing, when they are being substituted, when a goal is being scored, when there is a little break”, shares Marit Krol, 20-year-old Communication and Media student who is part of the events committee that organises the record attempt. Additional evidence such as photos and signed witness documents by spectators will also be gathered. To accommodate the players, tents, care packages, and even diet plans were organised to ensure the players have all the necessities to play through the weekend.

Mirte Horstink (24, Medicine), the Competition Secretary of RSKV, will be playing on the weekend. Being aware of all the challenges involved, she is enthusiastic that the world record can be broken. “If the team members cheer each other up, then the spirit remains, and you can keep on playing and have a good time, instead of losing your appetite and wanting it to be over.”

The marathon match starts at 7 am on Saturday morning. If all goes well, the teams will reach the 38 hours at 9 pm on Sunday.