The moment you step into this student house in Kralingen you feel dizzy: ‘almost as if you were on a boat during a seastorm’ the inhabitants describe it. This is a result of the house being slanted. Ines, Urmi, and Estelle noticed this peculiar feature of their new home after moving in, when they noticed they had to make special effort to walk from one end of the room to the other. Reporter Agnieszka tested the slant by putting a ball on the floor – and it started rolling on its own! But it’s not only the floors. Windows don’t close properly, wardrobe doors don’t stay open, and cracks appeared on the ceiling.

Residents: Urmi, Ines, Estelle
Where: Kralingen
Rent: 2200 euros including utilities
Trademark: Tiny kitchen where cooking together is almost impossible

While the roommates are concerned about the house becoming even more sloped, they still find their ways to make living in the apartment fun, cosy, and communal through study sessions and dinners. Ines, Urmi, and Estelle didn’t plan to live together but since all their previous living arrangements ended up falling apart, they decided to become flatmates. And so far, the slant is the only thing they can complain about!

Their claim: Most slanted house in Rotterdam
Why: Very uneven floors
Best decoration: Gallery with solely pictures of roommates
Most authentic aspect: Walking across the room feels like climbing a hill
Final judgment: Without hesitation EM grants the title of the most slanted house! Watch out to anyone who plans on visiting – you really do feel dizzy, especially in the living room.

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