What does it take to create a cosy house? Li and Lena reveal this secret while showing Agnieszka around their apartment in picturesque Rotterdam West, where they live together with Alina and Fieke. Firstly, couches – as many as possible with lots of colorful blankets and pillows. Secondly, art is a must, either created by the roommates or by their loved ones. Drawings and paintings are in almost every corner of the apartment, giving an artistic character to the rooms.

Residents: Li, Lena, Alina, Fieke
Where: Rotterdam West
Trademark: Rooftop terrace – perfect for breakfasts and mental health breaks


To make the space feel like home, Li, Lena, Alina, and Fieke decided to share their favourite books, creating an impressive collection in their living room. Each of the roommates has something personal that makes their room cosy in its unique way: for Lena it is her pink pillowed bed, for Alina it’s her carpet, and Li could not imagine her room without her beloved plant. What makes the flat special is the rooftop terrace – perfect for chilling in the sun, having breakfast or taking a mental health break. Finally, besides being roommates, Li, Lena, Alina, and Fieke are also good friends and love spending time together while having ‘roomie dinners’, which makes their home even cosier.

Their claim: Cosiest house in Rotterdam

Why: lots of couches, art corner, plants, cool carpets

Most authentic aspect: lovely fish

Best decoration: huge bookshelf with common book collection

Final judgement: Well-deserved title! The cosy atmosphere is not only seen through the apartment’s decoration but also through the relationship between the roommates.


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