Every Wednesday, Erasmus Sustainability Hub and Erasmus Food Lab host their weekly cooking workshop. Tonight, students could join in to cook Syrian dishes in order to raise money for the victims of the earthquake. The dishes are typically not vegan, but the students tried to make them as vegan as possible with organic ingredients. Afterwards, everyone could enjoy the food that they made during a nice candle-lit dinner. On the menu were hummus, muhammara, horaa osbao and Syrian salad.


The students were split into groups and assigned to a specific cooking station. At the cooking station, they received a recipe and all the ingredients they needed to use. Tim Dings and Lieke Seuren, who are both studying Health Economics, Policy and Law, were in charge of making the main dish of the night: horaa osbao, a lentil pasta topped with caramelised onion. “We had to prepare the onion, some lemons and herbs. We mixed it all together and somehow created something like a pasta-lentil soup.”

Everyone got to try out the dishes in the end. Lola Garcia de la Noceda from Rotterdam School of Management, shared her favourite dish of the night: “I really liked the salad, but that’s probably because I made it myself. But I also liked the red hummus, or muhammara.”

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“Overall, it was a very fun experience where everyone got to try out new dishes from different parts of the world”, Adinda said afterwards. “As for me, I was not familiar at all with Syrian dishes, so it was pretty challenging to recreate the recipe. So, how hard can it be? I would rate it a 6 out of 10! I would definitely ask my friends to join me for another cooking workshop in the future!”

Donating money to help victims of the earthquake in Syria can also be done through Giro 555 of the collaborating relief organisations in the Netherlands. The Italian organisation Pro Terra Sancta is raising money for the Aleppo area.