This week, EM has published a survey on diversity and inclusion. Because of that, EM asked students’ opinions about four statements, about the rainbow path and far-right politicians among others.

Statement 1: It is good that EUR has a rainbow path

All interviewed students believed it’s good that the EUR has created a rainbow path on campus. “Because everyone belongs here, it doesn’t matter what your gender is,” said economics student Soedha Soechit. According to her, the university is responsible for diversity and inclusion on campus. “You are formed as a person here, so the university has to take certain things into account, such as giving space to LGBTI+ community, for example.”

Human Resources Management student Sanne Sas was definitely in favour of the rainbow path. She thought it sends a good signal towards the LGBTI+ community. “I find it just weird when people say that the university should remain neutral. Instead, we are working on acceptance and an expression like a rainbow path is part of that.”

Statement 2: Far-right politicians are not welcome to give a lecture on campus

All interviewed students think that Dutch politician Thierry Baudet, former US president Donald Trump or other far-right politicians should be welcome on campus. “I generally don’t agree with what Baudet says, but basically everyone should be welcome to give a lecture,” said Philosophy student Iris van der Horn. Student Sanne, laughing: “I think it’s actually useful that he comes to speak, then students can see that it makes no sense at all what he says.”

Statement 3: The university is too leftist

IBCoM student Sofia Savelli agreed with the statement that the university is too leftist, because most of her friends and fellow students are leftists, she said. Student Lucas van der Veen (Art & Culture Studies) disagreed. “You can hear various opinions here, but of course it depends on who you hang out with. Many people stay in their own bubble and only hang out with people who have the same opinion as them, then you get the idea that, for example, everyone is leftist.” Florian Yoka Mbaki, Human Resources Management student, doesn’t feel that EUR is too left-wing. “Or maybe I am just extremely left-wing myself without realising that I feel incredibly at home here,” he laughed.

Statement 4: The university is too white

IBCoM student Anna Galli didn’t think the university is too white. “I have many friends of colour here, in fact most of my friends are not white,” she said. Student Soedha also saw that there are many international students walking around campus.

Still, student Iris felt there is always room for more colour. “Especially in the curriculum. I study Philosophy and I do notice that it focuses on western philosophy and white people, so I would like to see more variations there.”