To the amazement of the Dutch Student Union (LSVb), the government advised the municipalities not to give students the energy allowance. “The living situation of students varies greatly”, the government wrote in an explanatory memorandum. “Because of this diversity, individual special assistance is a more suitable instrument for this group than targeted special assistance.”

But lawyers think the advice is unlawful, reports TV programme Nieuwsuur. Legal expert Willy Heesen argues that students “as a whole” cannot simply be excluded from the allowance. In his view, the fact that their living situation “varies greatly, also with regard to the energy costs and bill” is, in his view and that of other lawyers, not a good reason. They expect students who take legal action against their municipality to win their case.

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No individual assistance either

In addition, it is open to question whether students can claim individual special assistance from their municipality. LSVb chair Ama Boahene understands from cities such as Utrecht, Amsterdam and The Hague that students will not get such assistance. “Some of them are willing but say they don’t have sufficient resources.”

stopcontact elektriciteit energie gasprijzen energierekening stroom – Esther Dijkstra

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Stijgende energiekosten gasprijzen 1 – Migle Alonderyte

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