What are the criteria for the nomination? We are looking for someone (or a group of up to five students) who has accomplished something extraordinary. This can be within their own study, outside of their study in the student association community or in a personal capacity. Their efforts were selfless and in the interests of society.

Do you know or know someone who has dedicated themselves to protecting the climate, in or outside the lecture hall? Or do you know someone who was always there for you and your housemates during the lonely times of the corona pandemic? That’s also altruistic and civically minded. The Student of the Year is not only concerned with global issues, but may just as much care about things on a smaller scale.

How to nominate someone

How do you nominate someone? Just fill in this form below. It’s that simple.


Nominations can be submitted up to and including Sunday 1 May. Our jury (made up of faculty and support staff of Erasmus University) will select five students from the submissions. These five will then go through to the public round. The student with the most votes wins.

We will announce the winner on 14 June at the end of the academic year in the Erasmus Pavilion.

The prize

Oh, and what is the prize for the Student of the Year? We will announce that soon. The prize will in any case contribute to the (personal) development of the winner.