Polling station in Theil

At the polling station in the Theil Hall, last Wednesday, Volt came in for 112 (21.6 per cent) of the total of 522 votes at the municipal elections. The VVD (conservative liberal party) got 87 votes (16.8 per cent), and D66 (social-liberal party) ended with 82 votes (15.8 per cent).

Although the electoral district has 1,513 voters, only 522 cast their vote in the Theil Building. This means the turnout was 34.5 per cent, lower than the Rotterdam average. According to the polling station staff, the majority of voters were students or university employees.


At the Erasmus University College polling station, GroenLinks attracted most voters: 107 of the 601 votes counted in total, or 18%. The runner-up was D66 with 88 votes (14.8 per cent), followed by Volt with 84 votes (14.1 per cent).

Here, too, the majority of voters were students and university employees, but there were also many passers-by who happened to be in the city. Of the 1,177 people entitled to vote at the polling station, 601 actually voted – a turnout of 51.1 per cent. This is above the Rotterdam average.

EUR student on the town council

Law student Mina Morkoç of GroenLinks is the only EUR student to become a town council member. With 2,780 preferential votes she joined the GroenLinks ranks.


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