Erasmus Sport basketbal1 – Adriana Youssef
The men of EBV Baros posing after their game. Image credit: Adriana Youssef

EBV Baros’s men’s basketball team gets off to a good start, winning its first post-lockdown match. Are they satisfied with this first result? “Completely satisfied!” they all say in unison. The team was unable to meet up during the lockdown. “I did do some running, but we didn’t train together”, says Stan, who studies criminology.

As a result, their condition took a considerable hit. “Most of us were exhausted after the first half”, says Stan, laughing. Their faces are still red when they pose for a team photo. “Do you think that photo could be photoshopped a little? We don’t want to look that exhausted”, yells a guy when the team run to the locker rooms.

Erasmus Sport basketbal5 – Adriana Youssef
The men of EBV Baros won their first game after the lockdown. Image credit: Adriana Youssef


Erasmus Sport korfbal3 – Adriana Youssef
Korfball players Roel and Roos. Image credit: Adriana Youssef

The korfball team are also ecstatic to be playing again. Unfortunately, R.S.K.V. Erasmus (playing in green shirts) are defeated by their Tilburg-based opponents in their first friendly match. Even so, Business Information Management student Roel is happy they are able to play sports together. “We may have lost this game, but what matters is that we’re out playing again.” Financial Economics student Roos agrees: “They are a very good team, so we more or less expected this outcome, but I’m really happy!”

Their coach is quite impressed, either way: “They’ve only been able to train together a couple of times, so they did a great job. I hope we can continue to play games, because teams visibly flourish when they can see each other more often.”

During the lockdown some members of the team trained together, outdoors. “It’s important to keep an eye on your condition. Now that we’ve begun playing again, it’s obvious that everyone is struggling quite a bit, post-lockdown”, says Roel. Despite the fact that indoor courts were closed during the lockdown, the team did do some team-building every once in a while. “Having a beer together now and then is the best kind of team-building exercise in the world.”

Erasmus Sport korfbal1 – Adriana Youssef
Despite the lost practice game, the korball players were still in a good mood. Image credit: Adriana Youssef