“It’s a disappointment for many people”, says Kirsten Prins, chair of the Eurekaweek. Still, the measures for university introductions are less severe than expected, says Prins. She had expected there to be many more. “Our programme is not just about partying for five days straight. We still have a lot of options. The festival sector has been hit a lot harder.”

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Eurekaweek is ‘back in full swing’ and is counting on a record number of participants

The Eurekaweek board got the green light last Thursday: The introduction week can go…

The Eurekaweek worked on three scenarios during the past year. Its dream scenario, one in which everything can go ahead, one scenario in which social distancing will be required, and a third one partly consisting of an online programme. The Board is now combining the dream scenario plans with those from plan B. Prins mentions the Festival Day (Wednesday) as an example. “It will definitely go ahead. We will have to adjust everything in accordance with the current rules, however, and there will be additional seating. People will be able to experience the festival vibe as planned, and all the same artists are still on. As planned, the entire week will be large scale and lots of fun.”

13 August

What if the measures are eased after 13 August, the date on which we expect to hear more about the current measures? “In that case, we’ll just get rid of all those tables and chairs”, Prins explains. The organisation is trying to keep the entire operation flexible, to allow for any required scaling up or down of their plans. They are currently working hard to ensure that flexibility. “We are discussing options with venues and are looking at possible additional locations. A large part of the programme will be kept. It won’t change significantly and will still resemble the programme we discussed previously.” The Board is also taking a keen interest in the preliminary injunction that various festival organisers are pursuing against the new measures. That ruling will (possibly) influence the Eurekaweek plans. The festival organisers are demanding longer notice about whether or not their events can go ahead.

“It’s very important that the university introduction will go ahead”, Prins says in closing. “Not only is it an important time to get to know one another; people are also getting to know the place where they will be living and studying. We are doing our utmost to let as much of the programme go ahead as is possible.”