Since gyms had been closed for a long time, there were many happy faces at the university’s sports facility on Wednesday morning. One of those happy faces belonged to strategic management student Floris. “I feel excited. It’s been a long time ago.

Psychology student Willem had a moment in between bench-pressing sets and said that working out at home isn’t like working out at the gym. “The atmosphere, the whole thing. It’s just a really good feeling.”

The swing of things

Working out at Erasmus Sport gives you more discipline and helps motivate you, several students told us. For instance, international psychology student Zey said she felt more active at the gym. “So just being there again feeling active, just feeling my body, and reconnecting is very nice.

The same is true for communication and media student Daniel. It’s been months since he was last able to do his intense workouts at the gym, so now that he is starting from scratch again, he is taking things easy. “It’s my first day, because [the gym] has only just been reopened, so I’m trying to take my time getting into the swing of things again.”

Erasmus Sport has implemented several measures to make it safe for students to work out. “Just clean the equipment and keep your distance,” economics student Bonne says, summing up the main rules. Furthermore, students can only work out after reserving a time slot, “so it doesn’t get too crowded inside,” says Floris. The gym has also been divided into two separate units, each of which must be booked separately. The cardio equipment is on the upper floor, while the lower floor is used for strength training.