“We still need to work on campus during the lockdown, because the postal traffic does not stop,” say Lisa Groot and Roy Huizer of the Post and Logistics department. “But we have adapted the workflow. Now only both of us work from the office, while before the lockdown there were five of us.” Currently, the Post no longer delivers letters and packages to departments around the campus. “We inform colleagues when there is mail for them, but they have to come and collect it themselves.”

Roy and Lisa have been working together since last year and, according to them, they get along very well. “We are having a good time together, but we do miss the other three colleagues too,” says Roy. “I especially miss the jokes we usually made. A colleague, for example, has the most hilarious jokes. I myself am not much of a clown, but he always blurted out jokes like no other and make us all cracked up.”