Update 22 January: EUR will try to move as many exams as possible to before the start of the curfew. Read below.

The House of Representatives discussed the introduction of a curfew last Thursday. The cabinet aims to use this measure to reduce coronavirus infections. The House of Representatives still needs to approve this measure tonight.

There was some confusion this week about students taking examinations. Initially, the cabinet stated that the curfew would not apply to these students. However, it later retracted this, stating that evening exams would need to be cancelled.

Various political parties urged the cabinet to make an exception. Educational institutions and student organisations urgedfor this yesterday and not without success.

Two statements

Students, lecturers and support staff who need to be outside during curfew because of an examination will need to carry a self-penned statement with them as well as a statement from their educational institution.

The Erasmus University will try to move exams to before the curfew as much as possible, but this will not be possible for all exams, depending on availability of the exam halls. Affected students will be notified by their faculty.

The curfew will start on Saturday 23 January and will apply between 21:00 and 04:30 o’clock.