Many international students were not sure whether they would be eligible for a vaccination, and this was the most frequently asked question during a special EM TV broadcast about vaccinations on Thursday morning. ‘Expats and international students who have been registered in the Netherlands for longer than a month will receive an invitation,’ added a Ministry spokesperson.

Currently, there are not enough vaccinations in stock for everyone and it is possible that the call will take some time. Medical personnel who work in intensive care, for instance, take priority. Older people and people with medical conditions will be vaccinated in the coming months. People in the group 18 to 60 years with a medical condition will probably be called between February and April.

According to the current schedule, the remaining people in age category 18 to 60 years will receive the vaccine between April and October. You may need to visit your GP for this, or attend a vaccination station set up especially for this, such as event hall Ahoy or the airport just to the north of Rotterdam.

Diederik Gommers answered students’ coronavirus questions in the EM TV broadcast. Watch the broadcast here:

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