‘High-quality teaching involves in-person classes,’ stated the LSVb. Announcing in advance that all classes in an entire term or in an entire academic year will be taught online is not a good thing, says LSVb chair Lyle Muns. For his part, student and University Council member Younes Assou has also criticised that approach. He feels that not enough is being done to help students. The other side is represented by Jason Pridmore, the vice-dean of teaching at the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication, who explains that more in-person classes mean more hybrid teaching, which in turn means a heavier workload for lecturers. The vice-dean also brings up students’ responsibility. What if students don’t comply with the rules and someone falls ill?

We will discuss all this at 9am on Thursday, 19 November, live from the studio at the Polak Building. The show will be presented by Tessa Hofland.

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