“As an association, we find that organising a big house party and the misconduct of some members towards the police are totally unacceptable,” President Pita Elhorst wrote in a statement. The board hopes that the suspension will be seen as a warning by other members and that ‘similar incidents will not happen again in the future.’

No sanctions from the university

The association is silent about the number of members and which dispute the sanction is imposed. But Elhorst emphasises that the sanctions are seen as heavy from the perspective of the association. “The members involved and the house have to give up their privileges,” says Elhorst.

The association has not been sanctioned by the university. Elhorst does not wish to go into details but reports that the association has entered into discussions with the Rector Magnificus Rutger Engels.

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Rector on illegal party in student house: disgraceful, ill-mannered and unacceptable

When the police tried to close down an illegal house party at Avenue Concordia in…

Back on 19 September, a house party was organised in a house on the Oostzeedijk Beneden. When the police wanted to break the party up because of the corona measures, students pelted the police with rubbish and cans. Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb and Rector Magnificus Rutger Engels immediately condemned the house party and the students’ behaviour. RSC/RVSV chair Elhorst did the same thing as well and announced that sanctions and an investigation will take place.

District officer Shelley van der Veen on the house party on the Oostzeedijk Beneden Source: www.youtube.com
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