Construction workers paving streets on campus

17:31 – Message from a virtually empty campus: for the guys paving the streets, it’s business as usual. “If a fire should erupt – and these things do happen, even when there’s a coronavirus outbreak – the fire brigade must be able to pass through.”

Construction worker Marco Stolk (26) is not at all afraid of the virus. “If you’re afraid now, even though you haven’t actually contracted the virus yet, it will inconvenience you twice. I’ll save the fear for once I’ve come down with the virus.”

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Construction workers paving streets on campus: ‘This job has to be completed as soon as possible’

Message from a virtually empty campus: for the guys paving the streets, it’s business…

Exchange students may terminate lease contracts with SSH earlier

16:04 – Students who are studying in the Netherlands for less than a year and who are renting a room from the SSH student accommodation association in Rotterdam are free to terminate their lease agreements with immediate effect, if they so choose. Normally, they would be held to the terms of their lease until the end of August.

Hatta Building

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Exchange students permitted to terminate room lease prematurely

Most students living in accommodation such as the Hatta Building have contracts requiring…

University Council

15:44 – A short update from University Council Chair Hans van den Berg.

Our University Council Chair Hans van den Berg returns with some important and updates after meetings with the EUR Executive Board on Tuesday: Please refer to to the following links for more updates on the Corona Virus concerning EUR:

Posted by Erasmus University Council on Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Virtual lessons from Erasmus Sport: #esstayshome

Erasmus Sport online corona

14:53 – The Erasmus Sport center has found a solution for all athletes sitting at home: virtual lessons under the hashtag #esstayshome. Videos of various sports instructors will appear on the Erasmus Sport Facebook page in the near future.

“Taking group lessons has never been easier,” Erasmus Sport writes on its Facebook page. “You can do this all by yourself, that way there is no chance that you will be infected with the corona virus yourself while you do your exercises.

It is also possible to submit videos yourself. Erasmus Sport will assess the quality and if it is good enough they will post the video on the page. The first lesson is online: 10 minutes Zumba from Samira.

The university is calling students back from abroad

13:37 – Students who are on an exchange or internship abroad have received a call from the university to come home. “We can’t oblige anyone to come back,” said Rose Korver of the International Office. Students are asked to respond in writing to the call. “We hope to be able to find out who actually comes back.” The university is prepared to financially support the students if they incur additional costs for their return journey and the insurance does not want to reimburse that.

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Erasmus TV: the university is calling students back from abroad

The university is prepared to financially support the students if they incur additional…

Today's Erasmus TV episode about international students is online!


Concerned because of wife's pregnancy

11:52 – How is the coronavirus pandemic affecting lecturers and researchers? Are they able to work from home, and are all their lectures and seminars getting taught? Etienne Augé isn’t too concerned, although his wife’s pregnancy during a corona crisis is a complicating factor.


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Media researcher Etienne Augé: ‘We’re a little concerned because of my wife’s pregnancy’

How is the coronavirus pandemic affecting lecturers and researchers? Are they able to…

Microsoft Teams available for online education and collaboration

11:01 – Because everyone is at home as much as possible, the university has made a special ‘tool’ for online education available to all its staff and students: Microsoft Teams. “A safe solution for online education, meetings and chat. Above all, get to work with it, ”the IT Service writes in an internal message. With Microsoft Teams it is possible to chat, meet and call remotely.

There is no time for training, says the IT Service. Information about the operation of ‘Teams’ is available via MyEUR. Questions can be asked to the service desk and Teams can be found by logging in with your ERNA account at When you are logged in, you can click on the Teams icon and get started.

Erasmus TV live: International Students

9:00 – Rose Korver of the International Office and Hans Smits (president Executive Board) answered questions from international students in the first live episode of Erasmus TV. Too late? No worries: later today it will be possible to watch the episode on our website and socials.

Erasmus MC Covid Education Response Team

08:47 – The Erasmus MC education crisis team met in person for the last time on Tuesday. Last week, the medical faculty was the first to decide to discontinue physical education and exams.

Vanochtend kwam het Crisisteam Onderwijs o.l.v. prodecaan Maarten Frens (of zoals hij het team inmiddels herdoopt heeft:...

Geplaatst door Opleiding Geneeskunde Erasmus MC op Dinsdag 17 maart 2020


08:37 – A quick recap to yesterday:

  • Peak hour at the Erasmus Student Service Center
  • What happens to the library books you have at home?
  • EUC found a solution for the 22 exams scheduled for this week
coronavirus mondkapje campus

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Tuesday’s liveblog: Corona and Erasmus University

Welcome to this live blog. I am Elmer Smaling, editor of Erasmus Magazine and in this…

Binding study advice?

08:22 – The university is considering changes to the binding study advice. A free passage to the next academic year does not seem logical to Rector Rutger Engels. He indicated that he understood whether or not achieving the number of points required for the BSA could cause additional stress for students. “We have to find a solution for this in these extreme circumstances.” It will probably become clear on Friday how the university wants to assess which students can proceed to the second academic year.