“What’s this?” asks participant Olga when she discovers tempeh among the ingredients. She has no idea what it is. “So we won’t use it,” she laughs. For the cooking challenge during the Sustainability Days, the winning dishes not only have to be delicious, but also sustainable.

“We apply two criteria,” says organiser Tsania Hisbaron of the Sustainability Hub. “We have ‘normal’ criteria, like taste and presentation. But we also have sustainability criteria, where we judge whether the participants have used ingredients that are ‘in season’. We also measure the CO2 footprint. For this, we use a list which enables us to calculate the carbon emissions of the dishes.”

The four participating groups do their best, cooking and presenting their most beautiful creations: Vietnamese rice rolls, Moroccan couscous and yellow rice with roasted courgettes, among others. But not everyone comes to win. “We love cooking, that’s why we take part,” says student Sabrina. “We’re not worried about winning.”

“We’re making Thai pad-thai and mango sticky rice,” says student Thomas. “But we freestyle everything, so we’re not sure whether it’ll work.” Nevertheless, his group wins the challenge. What’s their secret ingredient? “Friendship,” they laugh.

Watch the video of the cooking competition here:

Source: www.youtube.com