The Meesterweek is intended to help law students gain their bearings in today’s employment market. “Every year, we bring students in touch with potential employers,” explains Steinvoort. “This year, our event will be attended by 18 law firms. Students can talk face-to-face with these professionals and participate in a variety of workshops.”

Student welfare at the opening


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The opening programme features a number of items that touch on this year’s theme ‘Limitless – the world at your feet’. “Nowadays, it’s as if the sky’s the limit,” says Steinvoort. “At university, you can sit on a committee, enroll in an extra degree programme, work or do an internship – all at the same time.” But according to Steinvoort, this smorgasbord of opportunities does put students under a lot of pressure. “Everything has to be perfect nowadays – both on social media and in real life,” he notes. “After all, people want more out of life. I’ve also noticed this in my own environment: people don’t want to advertise the fact that they’ve run into some wall or other. We want to counter this.”

That’s why the commission will be broaching the topic of ‘mental vulnerability’. To this end, Sophie Schmeets, the founder of Maskerclass, will be joining the Meesterweek team as day chair for the opening event. “We asked Sophie because she has personal experience with depression,” continues Steinvoort. “Through her Maskerclasses, she works to lift the taboo surrounding this issue – as we would like to do.”

In addition, legal experts Jan-Peter Balkenende, Joris Arts and John van den Heuvel have been invited to speak at the opening. “We hope that our guests will be able to inspire the attendees and shed some light on the ins and outs of the legal scene,” says Steinvoort.

Law and technology

The upcoming edition of the Meesterweek will also explore a new field of interest: law and technology. “We’ve noticed that a lot of law firms are currently looking for students who have an interest in technological issues,” says Steinvoort. “During the ‘Tech Day’, we will be going into the legal aspects of new technological developments. Questions like who should be held liable when a self-driving vehicle causes an accident, for example.”

Which Meesterweek events wouldn’t you want to miss as a law student? “The recruitment day,” says an enthusiastic Steinvoort. “A huge number of students have already managed to arrange an internship on these days. And you can meet potential employers. What’s more: at the end of the day, we even have a three-course dinner where you can pull up a chair.”

The Meesterweek is open to law students. It is organised every year in the period February/March. The working language during the week is Dutch. Every day, the programme includes a new event, with room for around 20 student participants. You can register for the entire week, or for individual days.