Working as a waiter, a call center agent or a babysitter. How do students earn extra money during their studies? In this episode: Zeki Schults studies Health Policy and Management and works as fitness trainer at Erasmus Sport.

zeki schults bijbaan

Zeki trains a lot, eats healthily and doesn’t drink alcohol. As a fitness trainer you have to give up a certain amount of pleasure in life, but he doesn’t mind at all. The bachelor student was already around at the Erasmus Sport fitness center when he was still in high school. He had been training at the gym for years before he started to work there. “I liked it so much that at a certain point I just asked if I could work as a trainer.” He had yet to wait another year before the opportunity presented itself. “It’s fantastic”, he says about his job. “Here I can turn my passion into my work.”

On average, Zeki works around four hours a week. His task is mainly to guide the members of the gym. “I have to make sure, for example, that they use the right exercise technique”, he says. “But I also have to keep the fitness equipment clean.” Even though he finds the cleaning terrible, he still wants to continue working as a trainer, perhaps even full-time when his studies are completed. “This year I’m going to get my personal trainer certificate”, he says. “So at least I have that.”


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