Working as a waiter, a call center agent or a babysitter. How do students earn extra money during their studies? In this episode: Management of International Social Challenges (MISOC) student Johanna Melsheimer works as waitress at the Spanish restaurant La Cazuela and loves decorating menu boards and desserts.

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Greasy pans and dirty dishes; Johanna can’t stand them. But other than that, she finds her job at La Cazuela fantastic. “I’ve been working here for almost two years and I’m having a blast,” she says.

Johanna works two shifts a week. “A shift takes about six hours,” she says. In addition to waiting tables, she also has other tasks. “I throw away trash, clean the kitchen, clear tables and wash the dishes.” But her favorite is decorating menu boards. “My boss found out that my handwriting is not too ugly,” she laughs. “So now I write and draw the menu.” Johanna also takes care of the desserts. “I like decorating desserts very much.”

What does Johanna’s working day look like? Watch the video here:


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