The municipality of Rotterdam is investigating road safety around campus after an EUR employee was seriously injured in an accident on the Kralingse Zoom. That pedestrian crossing is particularly problematic, according to a handful of students.

Recently, a number of traffic accidents took place around the Woudestein campus. Last summer, a food delivery employee was hit on Burgemeester Oudlaan and passed away. In January, a cyclist was hit by a truck on the Honingerdijk. And on the Kralingse Zoom, an EUR employee was seriously injured after an accident on the pedestrian crossing.

Students particularly find the pedestrian crossing to metro station Kralingse Zoom dangerous. “You can clearly see that motorists are getting impatient,” says Health Sciences student Maria. “That is actually understandable because there are always huge traffic jams here.”

Opinions differ on Burgemeester Oudlaan and Honingerdijk. “Some cars drive way too fast here,” says Psychology student Britt about Burgemeester Oudlaan. “But sometimes there are police officers who prevent it from happening.” Econometrics student Thijs, on the other hand, doesn’t consider the street dangerous. “Sometimes I cycle along Burgemeester Oudlaan, but I have never seen accidents or anything like that.”

Most students think that pedestrians should be more careful, but they agree that a traffic light is probably a good idea.