In a statement, an EUR spokeswoman writes “EUR has been alerted on a number of occasions regarding traffic safety issues. These were incidents that specifically involved the Burgemeester Oudlaan and the Kralingse Zoom.”

The meeting will take place just days after an accident in which a 27-year-old Erasmus School of Economics PhD student was seriously injured. The accident took occurred last Wednesday around 19:30 at a zebra crossing located at the campus exit. The crossing leads to the Kralingse Zoom underground stop. According to the police it appears to be a ‘tragic accident’.

“We’ve informed the Municipality of Rotterdam’s area managers of the accident and a meeting is scheduled with alderman Kurvers at the end of the week”, said the university in a statement. “Traffic safety around the campus is a priority for us and we’re specifically looking at how we can improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists.”

The zebra crossing where the accident took place.

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Pedestrian seriously injured after collision near campus

The police are investigating and calling for witnesses.

Victim in critical condition

Last week’s accident on Wednesday wasn’t the first time this has happened in the vicinity of the campus. Last summer, a meal delivery person for Sumo was struck and killed on the Burgemeester Oudlaan. At the crossing near the Excelsior Stadium, a cyclist was injured on 11 November, and a cyclist was hit by a vehicle in December while crossing the Kralingse Zoom.

The victim in last week’s accident remains in hospital in critical condition. In a press release about the accident, the police wrote that the driver probably failed to see him due to poor weather and the dark clothing he was wearing.

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