Working as a waiter, a call center agent or a babysitter. How do students earn extra money during their studies? In this first episode: Bachelor’s student Raluca Ghita does Management of International Social Challenges (MISOC) and works at Spar.

bijbaan raluca ghita

Raluca prefers to be an early bird and starts her shift at Spar at 7 am. “You can choose yourself when you want to work,” she says. “For me, it’s best to work in the morning before my classes start.” She has many tasks in the campus supermarket. “For instance, I help customers at the checkout, bake the frozen snacks and fill the shelves in the store.”

She landed the job after a recommendation from her friend who also works at Spar. “At that time I was hopelessly looking for a side job,” she says. “I’m glad I got the job, it’s great to work here.” The worst part of the job? “Well, sometimes when it’s busy, customers can be rude.”

What does Raluca’s working day look like? Watch the video here:

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