Britt, Eeske and Eva live together in Huize Bij. The house is named after the initials of their first names: BEE, which translates to Bij in Dutch. Britt majors in the International Bachelor of Arts & Culture Studies (IBACS). Eeske does the same study, but in combination with Illustration at the Willem de Kooning art academy. Eva combines Illustration with Erasmus University College (EUC) as well.

The girls regularly organise drawing nights and they take a lot of inspiration from Bob Ross, the famous painter from TV. “Actually, we look just like fifty-year-old ladies, drinking tea and drawing together every night,” they laugh. Obviously, art is an essential part of the house. There are drawings, paintings, posters and self-made creations everywhere. They also have a ‘pet’: a lifeless bird on the balcony. “We started off the year with two chicks, but they have been replaced by a dead pigeon.”

Are you curious what the house looks like? Watch the video below.

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