Manisha usually studies in the library. “But my boyfriend is a student at the University of Applied Sciences, so we were studying there together.” Manisha put her bag beside her and placed her phone on the bag. Soon after, a man approached her and her boyfriend. “It was very weird,” she said. “He asked whether we spoke French, which we don’t. So he continued to speak in broken English.” The man showed them a list of addresses and asked them if they knew how to get there. “One of the addresses on the list was PC Hooftstraat, so I immediately thought of Amsterdam.” A confusing conversation followed, after which the man asked how to get to the library. “I explained. He thanked us and when he left, he glanced back at us and gave us a thumbs up.”

polakgebouw weer open trappenhuis

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Student got her phone stolen in Polak building

A man stole a student's phone while she was studying in the Polak building on Monday.

Phone in Belgium

Manisha continued to study for a few minutes until she realised that her iPhone was no longer on her bag. “Then I panicked,” she said. “Especially because I’d just read the news in Erasmus Magazine about the theft in Polak. How stupid that it happened to me too.” When she traced her iPhone, it turned out that her phone – like the phone from the first theft – is currently in Belgium.

Manisha went to security with her boyfriend. “They looked at the camera footage, but couldn’t find anything,” the second-year student said. The security has noted her contact information. “They’ll call my boyfriend if there are any developments, but so far we haven’t heard anything.” Manisha also went to the police. “I have an appointment next Monday to report the theft.”

University is a public place

A university spokesperson is not sure how often there have been thefts on campus in recent weeks. According to her, the university finds it ‘very displeasing’ that students have fallen victim to campus theft. “A safe study and working environment is the highest priority for the university, but the campus is a public place,” the spokesperson said. “So we ask all students to look after their belongings, just as they would off campus.” She also asks students to report a theft directly to security. “That way, in collaboration with the police, we can act quickly.”

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Second bold theft on campus in the same week

A student’s laptop was stolen at TostiWorld in the Food Plaza. The day before this…