“When he left, I realised that my phone was gone.” She is quite shocked: “I always take my phone and laptop with me when I leave my desk, so it’s really shocking that this happened right in front of my eyes.”

Dark blue van

She realised almost immediately that the man had stolen her iPhone. “Together with the student who was sitting next to me, I ran after him. However, he and some other men jumped into a dark blue van and drove away.” According to her, the man looked drugged. “He is certainly not a student, he was middle-aged.”

The phone is now in Belgium, it turned out when she traced the device. She has reported the theft to the police. A university spokesperson has confirmed that the incident took place and that the investigation has started. At the moment, the university can’t say more about the incident.


In 2017 the Library had problems with theft

‘Alarming’ increase in lost property in the University Library

University Library starts campaign against theft.