The theft must have occurred before her friend came, Puck suspected. “When I realised that my bag had gone, I searched the entire TostiWorld, but to no avail.” She also asked around to find out whether anyone else had seen anything. “If the thief is a man, it would be very eye-catching if he was carrying a bag with pink letters on it.” Puck herself hadn’t seen anybody. “The thief must have acted very quickly and unobtrusively. And because the bag was next to my leg, I don’t think anybody could have taken it by accident. Somebody must have taken it on purpose.”

No clue yet

The Law student has reported the theft to the police and posted a call on her Facebook page. “A lot of people shared it, but unfortunately no one knows anything.” She hopes to spread the news to at least protect fellow students from theft. “Pay close attention to your stuff, because you never know.”

The day before the theft at TostiWorld, a student’s iPhone was stolen in the Polak building. The owner saw the thief run off to a blue van with some other men.

polakgebouw weer open trappenhuis

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Student got her phone stolen in Polak building

A man stole a student's phone while she was studying in the Polak building on Monday.