“In our illustration, you can see a tightrope walker using a long pencil to keep balance. It’s a reference to how sensitive political cartoons have become. Media outlets like The New York Times have even quit publishing them altogether”, says Marc Kolle. Together with Evalien Lang and Ferry van Steijn, Kolle forms the drawing collective ikRotterdam. Every month, they offer their perspective on what they see on campus in a cartoon.

Poot uitdraaien – Joop Verkamman

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The collective is made up of three illustrators – meaning their style is actually a mix of their individual approaches. Although they do work towards the same result: “A direct, flowing, no-nonsense drawing style.” And they also share the same source of inspiration: everyday life on the streets of Rotterdam.

“Whenever possible, we prefer to work from observation. But we put a humorous twist on things and keep an eye out for odd details.”They think it’s important to keep a sense of humour and stay critical about current events – particularly when it’s a journalism job. “Other clients often have commercial criteria that need to be fulfilled. EM is critical and independent, meaning there’s more room for dissenting views.”

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