Experts advised a juvenile hospital order (‘jeugd-tbs’ in Dutch) for F., as he doesn’t function at the level of a 19-year-old. Furthermore, they believe that his history of violence and abuse precludes him from having normal relationships.

The Indonesian EUR student was attacked and raped in front of her house in the Herman Bavinckstraat — near to the Woudestein campus — at the end of July. F. supposedly followed her that night and attacked her after she locked her bicycle. Her subsequent injuries were so severe that she was taken into intensive care. The woman had an arterial bleeding and a swelling in her throat; these were both life-threatening injuries.

F. had already confessed to raping the EUR student. An exact DNA match was found between the Rotterdam resident and the traces that were found at the site of the rape.

The verdict is expected to be delivered in two weeks.

2018-07-31-stille-tocht-verkrachte-studente-foto-Aysha-Gasanova-17 rape

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