On 12 December 1968, Friedeberg was the university’s 342nd PhD. The very first was Johan Nederbragt in 1918. These days, even with around 400 doctorates awarded in a single year, not much has changed, said Philip Hans Franses, Dean of Erasmus School of Economics. “For example, even at that time, Mr Friedeberg’s PhD ceremony was conducted in English.”

Franses was in attendance to present the alumnus from his faculty with a special tie. “Actually, only professors receive a tie like this one, but we’re happy to make an exception in your case,” said Franses during the presentation. Ineke Friedeberg appeared more and more delighted with every photograph and congratulatory word. She also had her picture taken with the Erasmus statue. Both of Fred Friedeberg’s PhD candidate assistants were also present and the three of them enjoyed a brilliant afternoon. “All this attention for us,” they said. “Fifty years ago they didn’t take this many pictures, you know.”

Paranymph J.A. Nagtegaal, Fred Friedeberg and the other paranymph J.W. Vuyk. Source: www.instagram.com