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Code of Conduct for Rotterdam student associations

The new Rotterdam Code of Conduct obliges student associations to create a safe…

“First of all, it’s obviously unfortunate that an aspiring member didn’t enjoy the introduction to our association,” says president Amber Schothorst. “With nearly 400 prospective members, it’s unfortunately unavoidable that some members won’t have a good time.” The new president emphasises that the association did everything it could to prevent incidents during the introductory period (IP).

In January of this year, EUR broke its ties with RSC / RVSV after abuses during the IP of 2017. The recently initiated cultural change was aimed at preventing similar incidents. “We also want more emphasis on humour on forming an annual tire”, said former president Tobias de Lange in an earlier interview.

“Another fact is that we haven’t received any similar complaints from an aspiring member as the ones described by the newspaper in question.” Neither had the external confidant and EUR received any reports, according to Schothorst. She invites the student to sign up anyway, which she says can also be done anonymously. All IP participants will receive an evaluation form. “RSC / RVSV respects code of conduct.”

'Go to the EUR'

“The student should have gone to the Safe Acquisition Time Committee (KMT), rather than the Telegraaf,” is EUR’s response. The KMT committee monitors the hazing. Incidents must be reported to the committee within 72 hours. “Without a report to this committee, nothing can be done. Only they are authorised to investigate incidents, not De Telegraaf,” according to the university’s spokesperson.

The code of conduct signed by Rotterdam student associations and organisations in mid August did not contain many new provisions. The existing agreements were made ‘more explicit’ aimed at guaranteeing new Rotterdam students a safe and fun time as a prospective member. The code of conduct was drawn up and signed by RSC / RVSV, R.S.V. Sanctus Laurentius, the SSR-R, RSG, NSR and rowing club A.R.S.R. Skadi, in collaboration with EUR and Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. The rules are evaluated every year.

‘RSC/RVSV has become more moderate’

A merger, incidents during the dejuvenation, a broken relationship with the university, a…