The Lab will be the home base of the Community for Learning and Innovation, which is currently being set up. The community will help faculties innovate and develop new educational concepts.

To support this, teachers and education professionals can use the do-it-yourself booths of the Lab, in which they can record video clips for their educational programmes. There is also space for workshops, lectures and other activities related to educational innovation.

Much larger

In the studio, which is much larger than the current studio at the Aula, there are possibilities for live connections with national television studio’s, but the studio is also suitable for small-scale talk shows with audiences, such as TED talks or ‘college tour’ programmes.

Building the lab is expected to cost around three million euros. Works start in April or May – assuming everything goes well with the Polak building. The doors are expected to open in the autumn.

Artist’s impression from inside the new Learning Innovation Lab. Image credit: AAND3 visuals